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Dear Friends, Welcome!
We are 12 years old already.

Business Life company was founded in 2011 as a company to provide mainly highly proffessional cleaning and different auxilary services for the construction and production industry in Azerbaijan. Due to our full dedication and highly skilled managemnt organiztion we were attracted by number of construction projects to deliver full proffessional cleaning, painting and deep washing services for major market players. Within few years we gained enough experience and extended our services by adding also coal supply, food supply and construction services to our list. Thus we achieved next level and tried to implement all our best to satisfy our customers whereas we achieved our next goal to make Business Life valuable player in market.

Last few years, all the existing patterns, economical, COVID and many other influences were chalenging enough for the whole world as well as for the Business Life team. Many world companies despite of the scale and sizes have made tough decisions to keep running their businesses by decreasing number of eployees, by shutting down important projects, by merging other companies or restructuring the businesses through reshaping or changing the field of activity. Business Life could not escape the changes and made a decision to be a proffessional logistics and transportation company using all our gained experince and knowledge. We are delighted to join this exiting business trip with You achiving the best results and proving again our dedication to customer satisfaction through our hard and chalenging work.

Sincerely Yours, Founder
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